Modern Mining Demonstrates Innovative E-Waste Metal Extraction, Production, and Industrial Sales

Greenville, NC, — (November 3, 2023) – Modern Mining Technology Corp. (“Modern Mining,” or the “Company”), a “landfill-to-commodity” focused business venture, aiming to offer a cleaner, safer, and lower-cost commodity production alternative compared to traditional mining operations, is pleased to announce the results from recent demonstrations at its facility in Greenville, North Carolina.


  • Newly commissioned facility conducted a successful operational demonstration.
  • Trials designed to represent post-commercialization production at-scale.
  • Samples of output metal products independently analyzed by potential third-party buyers.
  • Sample results yielded uniformly positive results translating into product sales.
  • Company shows technical viability and economic potential across value-chain from source-to-sale.

Modern Mining, a developer of a progressive alternative to traditional mining through low-carbon, clean-tech transformation of Electronic-Waste (E-waste) into commercially strategic metals, recently demonstrated targeted metal recovery efforts from the near-limitless feedstock supply of one of the world’s richest precious and commodity metals resources – waste electronics. The Company believes the demonstration was a success as measured against key anticipated design criteria:

  • Processed roughly 3,000 lb of Printed Circuit Board E-waste as an example of standard feedstock.
  • Produced approx. 1,000 lb of custom blended product known as Metallic-Sand-Concentrate (MSC).

Samples of the MSC product were shipped to numerous potential third-party buyers to allow them to conduct their own independent quality analyses to determine if the MSC met their specifications for potential sale opportunities.

The MSC results were positive from all the third-party buyer’s independent analyses reports showing consistent high-grade material content which met quality thresholds across all third-party purchasing criteria. As a result, Modern Mining successfully sold the roughly 1,000 lb batch of MSC containing:

  • 0.5 ounces of Palladium
  • 4 ounces of Gold
  • 44 ounces of Silver
  • 582 pounds of copper
  • 6 gold ounces total metal equivalent

Modern Mining President & CEO Jeet Basi states, “Insofar as the results were exactly as we anticipated, we are nonetheless beyond excited by the outcomes, especially having concluded our first sales which help validate our end-to-end strategy.  The demonstration trials showcased our ability to successfully procure E-waste, effectively extract and recover strategic metals from that E-waste, and ultimately produce saleable metal products, all using our transformative proprietary water-based pre-concentration methods and processing systems. Lastly, and most importantly, the demonstrations illustrated our ability to successfully generate a commercial product.”

“The operational trials showcased how the fully integrated concept of processing E-waste into strategic commodities creates value at commercial scale, and the demonstration results are aligned with our process design objectives of recovering 4 to 8 Gold-Equivalent-Ounces (GEOs) of metal per tonne of E-waste processed,” noted Mr. Basi (CEO). “We are extremely proud of the team’s accomplishments as these operational results represent a major milestone for the Company, and we are excited about the organization’s business growth to date.”

About Modern Mining

Modern Mining Technology Corp. is a “landfill-to-commodity” focused business venture, aiming to offer a cleaner, safer, and lower-cost alternative compared to traditional mining operations. Our core business is aimed at processing and extracting strategic commodities from the vast, growing, and largely ignored global resource of Electronic-Waste (“E-Waste”), and transforming these end-of-life landfill-bound materials into high-value resources. Value is captured by using our proprietary environmentally friendly aqueous based processing technologies  to extract, recover, and produce precious and commodity metals such as: gold, palladium, silver, copper and potentially 30 other metals.

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